Friday, April 20:

(Mandel 128 and 228)––Graduate and undergraduate seminars (by prior registration only).

––An undergraduate seminar on The Three Body Problem and issues of Chinese language and translation (Pu Wang)

––A graduate/undergraduate seminar on SF theory today by John Plotz and Kate Marshall.

1pm––Plenary kickoff in the Rapaporte Treasure Hall, Goldfarb Library building

Welcome to the Brandeis Novel Symposium

Jing Tsu,  “Cosmic Humanism: A New Bar for Global Ethics?”

2:15––Coffee in Mandel

2:30––Panel 1 (Mandel G3)

Mingwei Song “Chaos and Amorality in Liu Cixin’s Universe”

 Seo-Young Chu “Slow and Other Forms of Violence in The Three-Body Problem” 


4:20––Panel 2 (Mandel G3)

Kate Marshall “Possible Worlds and Pseudoscience Fiction”

John Plotz “Speculative Realism: Post-Darwinian Science Fiction”

6-7:15––Reception Mandel reading room (3rd Floor), including a discussion of possible novels for next year

Saturday, April 21

A Peripatetic Retrospect:

––Since some of us have our best ideas walking, all participants are invited to meet on the beach at Walden Pond (in Concord off Rt 2)  at 10am for a casual walk to continue conversations started the day before. Snacks provided.